Report for the Cecchetti Associates 2016/17

The Associates have enjoyed a very varied programme so far this year with classes in Scottish Reels, Hip Hop, Repertoire, National, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Choreography, Pas de Deux, Hip Hop, Jazz and a ‘Cats’ and ‘An American in Paris’ workshops. Last year a group took part in a lecture demonstration at Cecchetti Day and many are dancing in London Children’s Ballet production of the Canterville Ghost.

Andy Higgs, Olga Mazour, Evie Preston and David Smith who got married last year continue to play for the classes. The Associates are so very lucky to have such wonderful musicians providing great music for their classes.

We all want to thank the Rambert School for allowing us to use their studios and Tony the caretaker for looking after us so well.

Many Associates were accepted as Cecchetti Scholars for the year 2017/18 and have also have gone on to vocational schools.

Again, a big thank you to all the teachers, students and past Associates who come and help ‘backstage’ and the amazing committee: Maureen Almond,
Jennie Boultbie, Sarah Bradshaw, Amy Heather, Claire Hern, Lisa Hunter, Mechelle Lefkaridi, Lisa Millard, Juliet Locks, Silke MacKay, Tanith Waldie, Allan Mortenson in Denmark, We also welcomed Kasper Cornish to the Committee whose experience in working with young dancers is invaluable.

Elizabeth James has decided to take a step back and though still on the committee has handed over the financial side to Sarah Bradshaw. Claire Hern has taken on the massive amount of administration which Elizabeth undertook, which I for one, am very grateful to her. This move is due partly to Elizabeth’s large increase in the number of grandchildren. We would all like to thank her for all she has done for the scheme over the past years with such great efficiency and calmness.

This year we re-instated the invitation to teachers to come and watch the classes and see how the Associates’ day runs. Despite the snow, this was well attended and I believe appreciated. We aim to repeat the invitation next year.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the teachers and friends who so generously donate scholarships for the classes. The list of recipients for 2016/17 are listed below

Locks/ Bond ScholarshipLola MathiesonGina Hird and Poppy Mason
Antonia Young ScholarshipAlice StallionSusanna Cox
Cecchetti Associates’ ScholarshipSkye KemsleyJulie Cronshaw
Mary Stassinopoulos ScholarshipGrace EmersonDawn Payne
Dorothy Ind ScholarshipPhoebe MedcalfMelanie Bull and Sarah Bradshaw
London Children’s BalletElsa EastmondMelanie Bull
Anthea Sanders for BoysHarry WestonLevi Knock
The Chevonne Lobo AwardHebe SalmonJane Worsley
Junior Summer School ScholarshipLavinia BernsdorfKezia Mitchell
Vocational Summer School ScholarshipsJoe WatsonGlynis Hall
Hannah OramSandra Powell and Hayley Cheneler

Susan Handy
Chairman. Cecchetti Associates Committee